Opeth – Pale Communion (2014)

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Opeth Pale Communion Album Leak



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  1. Eternal Rains Will Come
  2. Cusp Of Eternity
  3. Moon Above, Sun Below
  4. Elysian Woes
  5. Goblin
  6. River
  7. Voice Of Treason
  8. Faith In Others

Album Information

Anno 2011 OPETH were at a crossroads, and some fan is not sure whether he should still chase until today. Because who is not true was enough after only one album, perceived as unwelcoming to spurn his (former) favorite band forever, is wondering now, whether it is still worth to pursue the career of Swedish metal legends. “Heritage” was clear: Cranky, “Heritage” was unruly, “Heritage” was different – in short: I loved “Heritage”. As well as I “my arms, your hearse” or “Blackwater Park” loved.

“Cusp Of Eternity” single in June coupled may have made some old supporters hope: her fatter than almost any passage of the predecessor of the riffing with his oriental touch, but at the same time also poppiger as pretty much every song of the now eleven studio albums heavy discography (times except the power ballads of à la “burden”). One as clarification first: there is here not to the radio-pop-single, but rather even the toughest five of the disc. But what’s really inside, in “Pale Communion”?

Even semi chronologically to pull up the whole: the opener “eternal rains Will Come” is pretty much where “Heritage” 2011 has stopped and only piano and flute initiate that minutes after two jazz-prog banter, what would be the Albumintro in conventionally-minded musicians. Delicately playful clean melodies voice Åkerfeldts with at least three overdubs uses – one of the major characteristics of the plate. Presented a 70-s prog-rock number (KING Crimson “in the wake of Poseidon” Greetings from time to time) with nervous Martin Axenrot on drums, soulful vocals, and shallow guitar. Yes, that’s right: Shallow. Because if the eh already often overdriven Sechssaiter time venture, dynamically from the composition to stand out, but always in the warm guise of organ flicker.

Generally, the sounds are often dominated by Western Klampfe and Hammond. Many will not taste, but especially in passages, in which Åkerfeldts is singing more than ever in the focus, just damn justified. On album number 10 again a fun draft just grab – you must first make. This relaxed “laid back” arrangements work but by far not always as good as in the opener, as “Elysian Woes” (may you on an OPETH album filler material speak of?) or sometimes the Symphonic bouncer “faith in others” readily prove. The eleven-minute experiment “Moon Above, Sun Below”, however, operates over long distances in finest quicksand tactics: fights from the devouring acoustic hole up to Fredrik Åkessons as first-class soloists, but disappears after the final turning of the Leslie speaker again quite quickly in the same.

That also proggy hand must not have missing and Moreover, that the band still is on their retro trip able, “completely inconsequential babbling away songs” (time the comment section for “Heritage” to quote) with songs such as “The river” (which I thought already lost after three minutes) to enrich those shenanigans, evaluates or “eternal rains” then again greatly on.

If now but still a whole paragraph must be dedicated to a song, it is track number 5. That Mikael Åkerfeldt is frenetic fan of numerous herbs & progressive rock groups of the past decades listening to not only the musical development of OPETHs, but was confirmed in several stories of the plates dealers my (and Mikael) trust me. The influences of an underrated Italian prog band called GOBLIN he tries on the eponymous track therefore not to conceal – and provides at the same time the dead shock argument for all those who are willing to attest the band’s progressive drift and the betrayal of their musical roots. “Goblin” is merciless bundling of all pine-runterklapp riffs of past albums – in just one song. A fireworks display!

“Pale Communion” has become an album where the spirits are once again divorced. In all the right places closed on the one time or another somewhat too restrained. But in contrast to Mikael British favorite colleague STEVEN WILSON (who Of course, again obediently was asked on the mixer) to write on the history of prog or even to reinvent here rather than attempting. The five gentlemen just give the listener a journey through time in a musically superb, always with OPETH logo decorated robe. Added: A reverse album cycle (“Watershed”, then “pale communion”, then “Heritage”) would have avoided so some irritation. But irritation is also a most important stylistic OPETHs. Established 1990.